Barter Buddy

Your new sailing companion

Choose Your Barters

Input the barters you wish to complete into the tool. Then, select which barters and how many trades of each barter you’d like to do.

Plan Your Route

The Barter Buddy will calculate the most optimized route for the barters you selected!

Track Your Progress

Know which barter to complete next by following the list provided by the Barter Buddy. Time estimates will be provided to help determine when your barter session will be complete!

a helpful tool for those who barter…

Want some help?

The Barter Buddy is a tool designed by a Black Desert Online player who barters and wished for a way to make the process easier. By evaluating your barters and optimizing your route, the Barter Buddy can save you time and effort in your bartering journey.

Gylen, BDO Gamer

Support your buddy!

If you enjoy the tool, please consider supporting it. It was designed and is maintained by one person, Gylen.

*A link to Gylen’s Patreon account will be available in the future. 🙂